What qualifications do you require for a preschool teacher?

As an accredited center that is committed to providing quality care for young children, all of our teachers come to the classroom well prepared to provide the loving care all children deserve.  When you look at our teachers you will see they have many different backgrounds and talents.  Cumulatively, they possess over 16 Bachelor degrees, 10 Child Development Associate (CDA*) Credentials and 325 years of experience working with young children.  In the last year; cumulatively, our staff has attended over 1,000 hours of early childhood training.

Prior to employment we conduct a criminal history check and FBI fingerprint check to verify the background of each employee.  At a minimum, all our teachers:

  • have a health assessment and negative TB test on file
  • have earned a Child Development Associate (CDA*) from the Council for Professional Recognition
  • annually attend 24 hours of training in early childhood
  • have current CPR & First Aid training
  • are observed and evaluated annually to encourage professional growth and development

* Earning a CDA requires a teacher has: received over 120 hours of training in the areas of early childhood development and teaching practices, collected parent surveys communicating, from a parent’s perspective, their level of competence in working with children, completed a professional portfolio including over twenty resources showing their competence in early childhood, passed both an oral and written exam; and, has been observed and their classroom practices evaluated by their Advisor.  All of this information is reviewed by the council and successful teachers are awarded the Child Development Associate, CDA, Credential.